There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period. — Brene Brown

One of the words I recently came across when learning about Innovation and I really admire it — Word ‘ Nearling’

Do not talk about failure but start talking about Nearlings.

What is ‘Nearling’?

A better word for failure

“ A nearling is a positive word for something that you did with right intentions which has not (yet) led to the right result”

The meaning in itself says you try to do the best but ended up as a failure which is not your intention to do it wrong, so it's not a failure but its something you can keep using as a lesson to improve your future or your next steps.

I believe this is how you can think differently about the mistakes and change your approach towards facing the failures. It’s better to approach failure in a positive way and see what positive competencies are exhibited in the process of failure.

I felt really inspired knowing more about “Nearling” and how this can be incorporated back into our professional or personal lives.

One of the short video I came across about Nearling — clearly explains the concept in the animated version.

On the Nearling website, there is a which highlight how some ideas are killed and how can we improve our attitude to boost innovation.


Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Nearling movie: